Hammargren & Meyer, P.A., has closed its doors.

If you would like to contact the firm’s former shareholders, their respective contact information appears below:

David D. Hammargren, Larkin Hoffman, 952-896-1558, dhammargren@larkinhoffman.com


Paul T. Meyer, Larkin Hoffman, 952-896-1525, pmeyer@larkinhoffman.com


Timothy C. Cook, Cook Law & ADR, 651-340-5210, tim@cooklawadr.com


Jennifer A. Thompson, Thompson Lee-O’Halloran PLLC, 612-564-6964, jennifer@tlolaw.net


Patrick J. Lee O’Halloran, Thompson Lee-O’Halloran PLLC, 612-564-6966, patrick@tlolaw.net


Jason C. Tarasek, Larkin Hoffman, 952-896-3208, jtarasek@larkinhoffman.com


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